Monthly Archive: October 2010

Oct 18

High Intensity Training Center

Last Friday, Jesse, the founder of ActiveATX, and I drove over to the High Intensity Training (HIT) Center in Northwest Austin. We walked into the state-of-the-art center feeling excited but knowing little about HIT. We figured the trainers would would show us around, let us hop on some of the machines, give us a light workout, and then send us on our way. Well we were WRONG.

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Oct 16

“Super Social” Kickball with the Austin Sports and Social Club

While the UT Football team gives up game after game and the Cowboys stand one and three, there is still one Texas team that remains undefeated: The Carry Hawks kickball team! This September, my brother, his friends, and I formed the formidable Carry Hawks kickball team and signed up to play in Austin Sports and Social Club (Austin SSC). We, of course, joined the SSC’s “super social” league — the division for players with “limited skills.” Apparently, Austin SSC reserves the “social” league for those with “some kickball skills/experience,” making our team completely under-qualified. Before this season, most of us hadn’t played kickball since the fourth grade. 

Our first few games were rocky, near-fluke wins. With both Crossfit coaches and athletically challenged players on our team, our batting record is split evenly between home runs and whiffs. The players on the other teams in the Super Social Division are just as sporadic in their performances. While some of us regularly trip over the ball and bases, a few can make triple plays without even trying. 

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Oct 13

Atomic Athlete

When I pulled into the parking lot of Dane’s Body Shop Thursday at 8 p.m., I saw a muscular man letting his large Doberman Pinscher out of his car. He approached my car and said, “You must be Jesse’s friend, the ActiveATX intern.”

“Yup, that’s me, Travis” I said.

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Oct 06

Castle Hill Fitness

You know that small-town vibe you get in Austin? Well grasp those feelings, transfer them to a gym, and Castle Hill Fitness is the outcome. The one-on-one attention the employees give each customer paired with the gym’s inclusive atmosphere is a combination I have never before found in a gym. I am more then just a monthly payment; I am a friend.

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