Oct 18

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High Intensity Training Center

Last Friday, Jesse, the founder of ActiveATX, and I drove over to the High Intensity Training (HIT) Center in Northwest Austin. We walked into the state-of-the-art center feeling excited but knowing little about HIT. We figured the trainers would would show us around, let us hop on some of the machines, give us a light workout, and then send us on our way. Well we were WRONG.

Tony, a HIT trainer and former U.S. special forces soldier, greeted us at the door and then toured us around HIT’s 11,000-square-foot facility. Not only did the gym have all the basics, like top-of-the-line weights and a 50-yard track, but also, it had agility equipment, a sand pit, fitness tests, and a BodPod — a an egg-like contraption that calculates body fat and lean muscle.

After the tour, Tony led us through a few agility warm-ups, including butt kicks, karaoke, lateral lunges, and sprints. Once we got the blood pumping, he threw us onto one of the most advanced treadmills around. In fact, it was much more than a treadmill: the machine inclined at such an extreme angle that Tony had us strap our bodies to it so we would dangle “like Spiderman” if we tripped and fell (high possibility) instead of smashing into the ground. After completing multiple sets of explosive and lateral drills on the treadmill, Jesse and I not only were sweating profusely, but also, realized that we were going to be doing much more than “just sampling the facility.”

Next up was the sand pit where we did more athletic explosive training. About this time, my legs were feeling like jelly, and I’m sure Jesse was hurting as well. After the sand pit, we performed three rounds of 10 Resistance jump squats, 10 weighted jump squats, 10 hex machine jumps, and 10 standing jump squats. Each one of these movements isolated a unique group of leg muscles, and by the end of the four-workout circuit, every muscle fiber in my legs burned.

Luckily for my legs, the next workout focussed on the upper body. Tony had us grab huge ropes in each hand and then swing them in circles as quickly as possible. Before trying HIT, I had never encountered any type of rope workout, but now, I would advise anyone who wants to shred his core, arms, shoulders, and back all at once to immediately head over to HIT and ask for the ropes.

Next, my favorite HIT machine trained our hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and stamina. Jesse and I stood in the middle of three columns that were lined with lights. When a light flashed, we tapped it as quickly as a possible. In between taps, Jesse would toss me a medicine ball, and I would toss it back before hitting the next light. Finally, Tony had us wind down the workout with sand bag cleans and ground-ladder workouts for quicker feet. Two hours after we had arrived, Jesse and I walked away the proud survivors of a VERY High Intensity Training session.


The HIT facilities and staff promote physical fitness by grounding their training programs on the principles of exercise sports science. The Center welcomes anyone — from the elite athlete to the average Joe looking to shed a few pounds. To try out HIT, check out their training programs HIT Center Austin or give them a call at 512.338.4448.

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