Nov 10

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The IceTee Cooling Sportswear Product Review

The IceTee Cooling Sportswear Product Review
Now that the weather is finally trying to cooperate, hopefully we’re all getting outside more often. But if you need more than just cooperative weather, check out our review of The Ice Tee. 



I’d like to share with you some quick opinions of The IceTee by CoolWear.  First, the quality is great.  It has gone through some pretty tough mountain biking, trail running and CrossFit workouts and looks none the worse for wear.  Also, it does a great job of keeping the core cool, especially post workout/exercise.  The fit and comfort level of the IceTee is also quite nice.  Another serendipity that I enjoy is that the bag and shirt really keep my protein shake cool while I am exercising (maybe make the bag a little larger so people can fit a few more post-ride-brews in there as well).

I have only found a few negatives. In future generations of IceTee, it would be nice to have a zippered pocket on the lower back of the shirt.  This would be quite useful for biking and running to stow keys or nutrition. This is something for which I would be willing to pay more money to have this added feature. Other pockets maybe considered for other uses too, like for golf, fishing, etc.

Also for future generations, I would love to see some compression elements integrated to aid in recovery.  The gel packs need to have the sharp edges removed because these tend to poke me while I am moving.  This could easily be accomplished by trimming the excess material to have rounded edges.  I feel like a few more slots for more gel packs could be integrated into the shirt for post exercise recovery.  For instance, it would be nice to be able to ice the chest, shoulders and lats.  This, coupled with the compression, adds more utility to the product and extends the use of the product beyond the hot summer months.  

 On the whole, this is an excellent product made by an Austin based company.  I’m excited to see what the future may bring for this company.

The Ice Tee

 Keep Austin Active!

John Daetwyler


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