Apr 02

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Optimum Performance Training

What is your name, where are you from and what is your website?

James FitzGerald

Wabush, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Optimum Performance Training – OPT

Tell me briefly about the progression of Big Dawgs

what started as a sharing of free workouts created a following of people that liked the style of training; we started it in 2006/2007 and it has grown over time per month; done virtually we have thousands of followers now who follow the training in classes/gyms and in their home gyms

Did you have an “ah-ha” moment that brought you to your current line of work or was this a natural progression?

I was injured in a soccer match that lead me into rehab and discovered how conditioning to get my leg better made me actually better afterwards than i was before; sorrow can lead to joy i guess

Explain a bit about your programming group of function, being and will?

they are 3 levels of a kind of person and what they want to do in fitness

the function group is about the basic tenants of balanced fitness and trying to create an understanding of the absolute strength, interval work and correct timing of testing
the being group are for folks that want a little more than balance; they compete sometimes but not at the expense of health
the will group is about points and awards for competing in fitness

What does your 2007 CrossFit Games victory mean for you now?

it still means a lot

i have no regrets about my journey, and that win still feels good as there was a lot of good about it
as in life we all have “moments” that mean something, that one meant something to me, and only i know how that feels

I’m a proponent of attuning to clients. For example if someone comes in and has a previous injury they are worried about, I talk in a language about how my prescription will be rehabilitative as opposed to always emphasizing intensity, functional movements and variance. In other words I attune to their individual concerns. Do this concept tie into the individualization concept that you talk about, or is it better to stick to your guns to attract and retain the right people?

depends on your goals for the client and/or facility

i am biased on ensuring no harm for each person and directing them towards what they want to do; if this involves some pain and sorrow without permanent issues, i have no problem with that either – such is life, its not easy
as for sales and marketing, if you want people in your door you can convert to clients who are raving fans of yours, and that takes a different form of attraction, that is called good marketing in my sense of the word, so it is what it is

Jack Krause - Cold Therapy - Thoughts

maybe another time, little too long and worded for me, will get back to you

What was your last meal and workout?

this AM, breakfast was 2 larabars and 2 sausages, having a coffee right now

out of bed greens and max fibre shake, then “athlete pack” supplements from pure encapsulations
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