May 14

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Keen A86 TR Trail Running Shoes Review

Keen A86 TR Trail Running Shoes Review

From the moment I pulled these shoes out of the box, I wanted to hate them.  From their less than impressive name (A86 TR) to the ginormous  Keen graphics, everything thing about this shoe offended me. I even dubbed them my “Spiderman shoes”–I mean really who makes red, blue and silver shoes? 


However, after trail running in them a few times, they began to earn the Spiderman nickname for the great grip they provided in all conditions.  Surprisingly, the 3mm lugs on the sole stuck like Spidey’s webs on most surfaces. Another great feature I ended up loving was the asymmetrical lacing pattern which reduced pressure on some of the typical stress points on the top of my foot. Not surprisingly, they also breathed extremely well and were quite cool on the foot because of Keen’s liberal use of mesh.   They also weigh only a mere 8 ounces.



Rarely is my first impression so far off the mark. While I wanted so badly for these shoes to flat out suck, their nimbleness and traction kept me smiling, so long as I didn’t look down to be offended by their horrible aesthetics. The good news is that the trail doesn’t care if you look like you mugged Spidey for his shoes.  Another bonus is that they come in 6 other colors, so you can choose another superhero’s style to rip off.

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