May 15

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WODPAK. Essentially it is a packet of vitamins/minerals/supplements that is designed specifically for CrossFitters.


Everything you need in one pack – your own WODPAK. Each pack includes:

  • Fish Oil (2000mg)

  • Glucosamine (500mg)

  • Chondrotin (400mg)

  • Vitamin D (5000 IU)

  • Zinc (30mg), Magnesium (450mg)

  • B12 / B6 / Folic Acid

  • Creatine (2000mg) RED/WHITE PILL




  • Convenience
  • You don’t have to think
  • Portable
  • Some of the amounts of the supplements are on the conservative dosage side in my opinion (say for example for the fish oil and creatine)
  • No information of the quality of the supplements
  • Lots of pills
WODPAK is great for the beginning CrossFitter who is trying to cover his bases with a solid nutritional approach and attempting to optimize their recovery. It has the majority of the supplements that I personally would recommend but the quality of the products, dosages and ratios in suspect to me. I reviewed this product, and like many other supplements, did not notice an honest difference. This is honestly true for most of the products I review. I did although, feel good because I knew I was putting in the corrects inputs into my body based upon my exercise output. This is a great product and designed from the ground up for CrossFitters, but a more individualized approach may be ideal for intermediate and advanced CrossFit athletes. This is good for 95% of the CrossFitters out there.

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