Jun 23

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What’s worse than getting sweat in your eye while you are working out in Austin? Not having anything to wipe the sweat out your eyes! Solution - Meet the Handana.


Forget about the days of grabbing the shirt-­‐tail of your expensive running shirt and trying to mop your brow. Forget about craning your neck around to find that one dry spot on your shoulder to keep the sweat from burning your eyes – AGAIN. Handana fits snuggly around your hand and doesn’t require any special talent to use. It is a continuous loop of quality Supplex wick-­‐away material that feels like cotton. So use the back of your hand, the palm of your hand, or the side of your hand – Handana works no matter how hard you work!

Handana comes in sizes to fit every athlete and colors to match every taste. Kids will love Handana too!

Handana is also designed and manufactured in Texas. 


MSRP:  $15

Where to buy:  Amazon

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