Jul 25

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Never Stop Playing

Never stop playing. Play is something natural for us when we are kids. Well at least when we were kids. As we get older, life happens. Marriage, divorce, vacations, sickness, kids, school etc. When we are kids we are in tune with who we are and what our bodies crave. Modern society is unnatural. We sit instead of squat. We use a computer and cell phone instead of directly communicating. We drive and ride elevators instead of using our bodies’ for natural locomotion. It is not too long before we lose touch with our bodies, our muscles seem to become petrified in our usual positions and we forget to play. Climb trees, run into the woods with friends, explore the greenbelt, try to walk up an embankment, see who can swim the fastest, who can do a gainer off a rope swing. Chip from Body Tribe describes play as our natural stress release valve. Watch this video. This dude is on to something. Those that play are not only young at heart, but also young as they age.

 How do you guys incorporate play into your lives? What advice would you give?


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