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The Most Potent Conditioning Equipment – Schwinn AirDyne

You may have passed by this piece of gym equipment up a thousand times and never even been on it before. If you are lucky, you may have pedaled for a minute or two and hopped off and thought nothing to it. But if implemented correctly, this subtle piece of equipment has just about everything you are looking for. It is called the Schwinn Airdyne and it is very unassuming. Just a bike with a fan huh? Must people say, “Hey I think my Grandma used to have one of those in her basement.” These bad boys pack a punch. The newer models have detailed analytics and are potent for lactate threshold training, elevating your heart rate to its limits in a matter of seconds and aerobic conditioning. In about 12 seconds of a max effort on the Air Dyne, I can take a High School Football player and put him to the ground. If he goes for a minute, a betting man would put money on him running out the door and puking.

The other benefit of this simple piece of machinery is that you can pick these up on Craigslist for about a fifth the cost. I would’t pay over $100, and I have paid as low as $15, although you may have to forgo a newer monitor. Personally I use List-Alert and whenever a new one comes on the market, I swipe it up. I have about six hanging out around town now. These things will last a lifetime. If you are looking to build a home gym or outfit a CrossFit facility and are on a budget, forgo the Concept 2 Rower and pick up one of these bad boys. Personally, I would choose new AirDynes over Rowers any day, but that is just me.

Compliments of OPT who turned me onto the Schwinn AirDyne, here is a list of the Top 10 AirDyne Workouts. Personally 1 minute max effort for calories (compliments of Jack Wheeler from CrossFit San Marcos) and #2 pack such a punch, that you will reconsider ever getting onto an AirDyne again:


1. 30/30 x 15-30 – aerobic power work – add rest intervals b/t sets of 5-10 based on the persons power and effort
2. Max Cals in 10 min – 300 FY (compliments Gym Jones)
3. IWT – lift something then AD for 90-120 sec @ aerobic power; rest, repeat – O’Shea
4. Z1 effort – 30-90 min – flush – only AD and some good easy music
5. Circuit – time/task/cals/etc…within other modalities used – best if other work is weight loaded or self loaded WITHOUT too much quad involvement
6. 60 min movement session – 5 min AD @ 50%, 1-2 min self loaded gymnastics skills work – repeat
7. AM out of bed move session – out of bed, hop on AD, add effort per minute for 20 min till ready to go, do 15 min mobility, 5 min AD flush, start day
8. 20 min max cals – (compliments Michael FitzGerald/Maximus)
9. general warm ups – 1 min AD, 1 min skipping, 1 min rowing x 3 – 9 min in and you’re warm and ready to rock
10. 1 mile/2 mile for time – (compliments Blair Morrison)

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