Jul 09

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Vitasport Mass Fuzion

Coming for a recreational weightlifting background, I always thought it was all about getting protein within the “1 hour anabolic window”. After some of my own research and a few experienced athletes telling me otherwise, I realize that protein is half the battle. Post workout carbohydrates is just as important. For many of us, 1 WOD a day is enough. But after a certain amount of time, we either want more gains or we crave more CrossFit. 2-a-days, additional skill work, mobility that seems like a workout of it’s own, strength training. There seems like hardly enough time to fit all of this in our busy schedules.

I have been taking Vitasport Mass Fuzion for about a year and a half now. The biggest thing I have noticed is that after I take Mass Fuzion with Pro7, I feel like I am able to hit another WOD after about 30 minutes with almost 100% recovery. I will add 1 scoop (35 grams/140 calories/0 grams of sugar) for my average workouts, but if I hit a hero or something that really depletes me I will double up. Also from a vanity standpoint, I feel jacked after being consistent of this for a few weeks. Try out Orange Blast and let us know if it makes you Down 2 WOD!

Where to Buy: Your local Nutrishop.

Price: $40


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