Aug 22

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The Soak Rapid Muscle Recovery

Working out is only half the battle, you need to optimize you recovery in order for your muscles to effectively repair and remodel muscle tissue. Here at ActiveATX we are always looking for to recover more effectively because if you heal faster, theoretically you can workout more or more intensely. That is why we decided to review the SOAK Rapid Muscle Recovery. This Summer, the ActiveATX team took a bit of a sabbatical and traveled the annual CrossFit Games, where we heard of this blue fountain of youth.

The SOAK rapid muscle recovery salts are a quick and easy, as well as cost efficient, way to help reduce soreness after a brutal workout with your buddies. The aromatherapy scent of the magic blue rocks will send you into a deep feeling of relaxation as if you were in your own private spa. Your muscles will immediately begin to relax as you slowly slip into the hot blue water easing your aches and pain from a long day or that torturous workout that might leave you walking funny. For your private spa, just sprinkle 1 cup of the blue SOAK salts into your hot bath and let the magic begin!  If the SOAK rapid muscle recovery bath if not for you, there is another great way to use this product to beat your sore muscles. Just sprinkle some of the magic blue rocks into a small paper cup or red solo cup and let the rocks dissolve into the water. Once your blue concoction has formed, stick the cup into the freezer. After frozen, use the ice to rub over any sore areas on your body. This attempt works just as well as the bath, but you will lose the feeling of being at a private spa, which I found to be a major plus in the SOAP muscle recovery bath.

-Amanda, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

Soak is like a mini trip to the spa. It is 15 minutes of pepperminty pure relaxation. At the end of the bath, I am calm and ready to tackle the next day of physical abuse.

Does it lessen muscle soreness like it claims? Hard to tell because it is impossible for me to gauge how sore I would have been had I not soaked. But I don’t think it hurts anything either.

-John, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1) and Ultramarathoner

Our overall opinion of the product was that it was really hard to objectively evaluate this product. We could do a workout, recover and then do it again. But obviously we would be less sore the second time because our body has adapted somewhat to the stimulus. We all felt better after we demoed SOAK, but was this psychosomatic, the placebo effect or does it actually work? Well the jury is still out, but if it feels like it works and you feel better for using, why not continue to do so even if it is the placebo effect? We are looking for results, and we found them one way or the other.


Where to Buy

MSRP $56.99 – There are many options to choose from but we recommend the Starter Kit which contains The Soak bottle, Soak Scooper, and a 4lb refill bag. Makes 16-20 baths or 64 ice massages. Shipping $8.99


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