Sep 17

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Ladies, Looking for Results?

“Working hard and doing a lot of CrossFit will not get you bulky”

Not getting the results you want after CrossFitting for several months? I have the solution for you! During my short time as a CrossFit coach I have noticed a lot of women underestimate the power of their own strength. The majority of females need reassurance and motivation from a coach or peers in order to add more weight on a max lift or during a CrossFit met-con. The only way we are going to get stronger is to familiarize ourselves with pulling and pushing something uncomfortably heavy off the ground, such as a Deadlift. Lifting maximal weights off the ground will allow the individual to become comfortable with the heavy stimulus thus increasing weights on other lifts such as cleans and snatches. Many women automatically associate “heavy” with the inability to lift, but we need to get past that stereotype. Just because it feels heavy does not mean you are not strong enough to lift it off the ground. Ladies, give yourself some credit, we are stronger than we think! Lifting heavy is extremely important in order to gain the physical results you are looking for. Here are a few helpful tips to those intimidated by heavy weights:

1.      Deadlift more often – The Deadlift is the most weight you will be able to pull off the ground. Feeling this extremely heavy weight being pulled numerous times will allow your body to adjust to stimulus of a “heavy weight”. This will translate to other movements where you have to pull something quickly off the ground such as a clean or snatch.

2.      EMOM (every minute on the minute) will become your best friend – Completing workouts that allow you to lift heavier than normal during a workout will also help increase your chances of adjusting to lifting heavy, pulling heavy, or squatting heavy. A work out would be similar to the following:
EMOM for 10 minutes
Complete 3 Front squats at 80% 1RM
This will allow you to lift a high percentage of a one repetition max, in frequent intervals and get used to the feeling of moving heavy weight, and doing so with minimal recovery.
3.      Heavy Pulls – To help feel more comfortable pulling heavy weights off the ground during the snatch or clean, load the bar up with a heavy weight (1RM+ of which ever movement you are practicing) and complete only the first and second pull of that lift. Moving the bar from the ground to above the knees is the first pull, and the second more aggressive pull is using the momentum of your hips and the forceful shrug of your shoulders to transfer energy into the bar moving it in an upward motion.

4.      Do not be afraid – This last bit of advice might sound cliché but it is the most important. Do not be afraid of the bar and its additional weights and most importantly do not be afraid to fail a lift. “Failure” is a part of understanding our greatest potential, and without it we will be unable to succeed. This is how we learn and most importantly how we get stronger and test our body’s capabilities. Lift heavy and get results!

“I always try to tell them, dont worry about what your body is going to look like, just worry about your diet and the things you can control like lifting heavy and training hard” -Andrea Ager

Challenge yourself in the gym today ladies, and start lifting more than you are used to. The results you find will be incredible and the strength you will discover will be mind blowing. In order to work your midsection and get those incredible abs (which we all want as females), we have to start lifting heavier. If we don’t fight for every rep and challenge ourselves with heavy weight it will be harder to engage your core. Look around at the ladies in your box, the ones grunting like gorillas because their bar might be too heavy, are the ones with the “to die for” abs. So add some weight, and watch how your body responds, the results will be worth the fight.

Here are two motivation videos to get you going!


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