Oct 09

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TeaOLea has been making some headway within health conscious consumers in the ATX. Brewed from real olive leaves, this unique tasting tea boasts the powerful antioxidant Oleuropein, which among others, is said to have thermogenic and blood pressure lowering properties.

Kambucha, green tea, black tea, Snapple… What’s the difference? Does it just come down to personal preference in taste or is there really something to all these health claims? It seems like there is a new health study every week that claims a new mineral/phytochemical/vitamin/extract has medicinal qualities that can improve some sort of quality. We are still in our infancy in terms of our knowledge of the body, nutrition and exercise science. Instead of getting in depth on the nutritional intricacies, lets take a clue from the past and do what the Greeks have known for years. Eat olives, garnish with olive oil, and now drink Olive Tea!


MSRP: $39.99

Where to Buy: TeaOLea and Westlake CrossFit

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