Oct 22

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The Coffee Rant

The Coffee Rant 

I have been planning this post for some time now. I would like to name it—appropriately—the coffee rant. If you have ever said, or been with me when someone else has stated : “… not until I have my coffee…,” you have already witnessed what is about to ensue. I extend my apologies.

See the picture above: I would like to enter this evidence as Exhibit 1. I would also like to label it as a generally acceptable occurrence, as well as the norm in our society. Then what is wrong with this picture? Quit reading now if that last remark rubs you the wrong way.

Walk into any Starbuck’s in America around 7:30AM and you can count on extending your morning commute by another 20 minutes. Some 60-70% of the people in line will be on their cell phones, either talking or texting. Those without their phones, incessantly texting, tweeting or Facebooking, are either too old or left their phones in the car to charge. Run a flank on the outside of the Starbuck’s building, and you will nearly get run over by the drive-through folks who were either too stubborn to park or stayed up too late watching Golden Girl reruns the night before.

Seriously, though, I am trying to figure out why ordering a Venti Mocha Frappuccino, has even occurred to us as a rational choice to make every morning. I don’t know where to get started.

Is it that we need coffee in order to function every day…otherwise, we will feel flat and have zero energy all day?

My rule of thumb has always been to let my body be the captain. What I mean by that is if my body is feeling tired, let it feel tired and deal with it the natural way by pushing through the fatigue or taking a nap. If I am wired, I am going to stay up a little later and sleep a little less. Eventually, my body will adapt and it will self-regulate. We are intelligent human beings and if we keep running into situations in which we need coffee to get by, we are ignoring the severity of the problem at hand. Let go to some of your obligations, drink more water, take a nap. We possess the solutions to our ailments.

If we continue to feed ourselves coffee, energy drinks and other caffeinated and stimulant products, we are masking the signals that our bodies are trying to send to us. This is a slippery slope. Without going into detail about cortisol, adrenal fatigue, and individualized dose response regarding stimulants, too much coffee has deleterious effects on our well-being.

Get off the juice for a month and see how you feel after you have reclaimed your new homeostasis. Your body and I will thank you. Oh, and you will save a good chunk of change, too!



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