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Advertise with ActiveATX

ActiveATX is the single most targeted resource for Austinites looking to stay active and participate in Austin Fitness Events:

  1. Become part of the growing physical subculture in Austin and commit to staying Active! Join ActiveATX and sign up for events that speak to you.
  2. ActiveATX receives 8,000 page views a month (and growing) from all kinds of individuals looking for fitness-related events in which to participate.
  3. Advertise your own event on ActiveATX. Instructions are on the website.
  4. ActiveATX offers promotions to draw attention to your event.
  5. ActiveATX will promote your event through our active Facebook and Twitter communities.
  6. We offer superior customer service. We don’t slap up a banner ad–we take a vested interest in the success of your event.
For rates and tips on how to make ActiveATX work for you, give Jesse a call at 512 680 7783 or email Jesse at today!

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