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Jun 14

Double Feature: Workouts 4 and 5!

Look what I was able to do today: Complete 5 Austiny workouts I’ve never tried before within 14 days. That’s right, cross something off my list. Goal was set. Goal was met. I happen to receive an abnormal amount of satisfaction from checking things off of any sort of to do list. (Prepare yourself for a Sarah side note) Sometimes I find myself including things like “eat lunch, exhale CO2, make a to-do-list” on my personal to-do lists, just so I can obtain the complete elation of “accomplishing” something in my day. Do you do this?

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Jun 10

Workout 3: Running at the Shoal Creek Greenbelt

Here’s an update for those of you who are too lazy to go read my past two blogs. I’m new to the Active ATX team and a first time blogger. (Is one of the rules of blogging “never insult your audience in the first line”?) I apologize. Anyway, I’ve been exploring some of Austin’s unique places to work out! I started on Wednesday, June 1st and have until Tuesday, June 14th to complete 5 activities within the 14 day challenge! Today is day 10 and I just completed workout #3. That leaves 4 more days and 2 more workouts to go. I think I can do it!

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Jun 07

Workout 2: Kayaking at Rowing Dock

Since I moved to Austin 3 years ago, I’ve had kayaking around Town Lake on my “To Do” list. But as Longhorn football takes the proper priority in my life on autumn weekends, I just seemed to keep putting kayaking off….for three years.  Regardless, June 5th, 2011 was my day. I was pumped to go try a new Austin Adventure and blog about it for all of you. After researching a few options, I chose to set sail from Rowing Dock as they had the winning combo of great rates and awesome reviews.

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Jun 02

New Blogger and First Time Yoga

To give you a little background, my name’s Sarah and I’m the new addition to the Active ATX team. I pretty much have the sweetest summer internship-I get to attend unique workouts, play at parks, eat at some healthy cafes, and blog about all my experiences along the way : ) I promise to provide you with the finest, and I mean finest reviews of Austin’s active events and fitness opportunities.

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