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Jan 28

Chick-fil-A: Great Option for Kids

FAST. FOOD. It’s our fallback when we’re craving those juicy trans fats and abnormal amounts of sugar. When we don’t feel like cooking. When we need a convenient meal. Honestly, when we just need to think outside the bun and have it our way. Even in Austin (with its hippie vegetarian gluten-free vibes) the citizens …

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Nov 09

Healthy Eating

salad 2

Now it may come off as shocking for me to be blogging about a healthy recipe, but let me assure you that I wouldn’t blog about a recipe unless it were fantastic.

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Jul 22

ActiveATX is Live!

There were two significant events that occurred after I moved back to Austin from college in Fort Worth. Without these, I’m not sure ActiveATX would exist.

The first event that sparked the idea for ActiveATX happened when I returned to Austin after my five-year stint at college, where I graduated from TCU’s Neeley School of Business with a degree in Entrepreneurial Management. After a half-decade sabbatical from Austin, I decided to go to Town Lake to enjoy what I considered the “core” of Austin. It was one of those moments when you feel something profound is occurring but you aren’t sure why. I was struck by the power of the physical activity scene in the city: the hike and bike trail was literally teeming with healthy life. I was completely in the moment, and it made an impact. Now I have realized that this marked the beginning of a yearlong process that would lead to the finished product of ActiveATX – a defining moment in my life.

The second event that occurred was a conversation I had with a friend I will call “Sally.” Sally had just broken up with her boyfriend after having moved to Austin to live with him. She had found herself suddenly alone, single, socially isolated and feeling like she had no resources and nothing to do. She was not connected to the town, and was desperately seeking ways to build a social life. She was lost. She expressed her disinterest in going to bars, now being a year out of college, and she felt like she had nowhere to meet people. We discussed sports and fitness and how this arena was a healthy, non-threatening way to meet people her age. That’s when the idea for ActiveATX took hold!

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