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Dec 31

Ultimate Direction WINK Hydration Pack Review

I trail run and mountain bike a great deal and have battled bouts with dehydration in the past. I even spent time in the medical tent getting IV fluids at the end of a Half Ironman. Because of this, I now ride and do long runs with a hydration pack…

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Oct 25

How to Optimize Recovery Part 3: Hydration


DRINK MORE WATER! Sodas, teas, artificial sweeteners and salts all dehydrate you. If you sweat, drink more water. I find that the majority of people are actually chronically dehydrated. surprisingly enough–especially kids.

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Oct 19

That’s a Bunch of Bull Creek

me hiking

Just this past weekend I decided that it has been far too long since I’ve been on a nice morning hike.

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Sep 26


SUP Games October 22nd, 2011

Get ready for the world’s first SUP Games! There will be an obstacle course, slalom course, jousting, massive water fight and dash for cash. And are you interested in breaking a world record for number of people on a SUP Board? You’ll meet SUPZILLA as we try to take down the world record. SUP Games is …

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